Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Going Crazy, Feeling Lazy

Whew! Today has been tough.

I am usually against writing posts that just list off my problems, but for some reason I feel like writing...so I write!

The blood booster shots that I get everyday (Neupogen) are really kicking my butt!

I woke up at 2am pretty much writhing in pain in my bed. Sorry to be so graphic with it, but it is painful. My poor husband woke to my cries...again.

When they say to expect "bone pain" that just doesn't prepare you well enough. I get a constant headache and ache in my muscles with the added bonus of feeling like someone is sticking a hot poker into my hips on both sides. Not all my bones hurt, just my hips, and it comes in waves. The pain often brings me to my knees though, and the headaches make me nauseous, and sometimes I do the cute cough-'till-you-gag bit. Veeery attractive.

While my dog loves when I spend all day on the couch, I don't.

I did manage to push through and drive my kids to school, take a ride with a dear friend and go to Mayo. Then I drove to pick the kids up from school. It isn't much, but I'm go grateful for even that much of a day!

Now to find peace in just resting and trying to manage he pain and discomfort.

I wish I was doing housework! Cleaning bathrooms, doing a mountain of laundry, organizing closets and cleaning floors sound like a nice way to spend a day. I can't believe I said that!!!

Hehe...oh well. Like I said, I just need to find peace in living my lazy lifestyle. Not by choice, but by force. I know I'm not lazy, I'm recovering...but I feel lazy.

The clock moves really slow sometimes when I just want to see Jess. Come home from work babe!!! I need a couch buddy!