Monday, April 16, 2012


I feel so lucky to have sisters. My mom  really tried to instill in us that having a sister was like having a forever best friend. I remember her saying something to the effect of, "friends will come and go, but your sisters will always be there for you." Which is an interesting thing for her to say because she doesn't have a sister. How did she know? She didn't know this from experience, but she was trying to instill it in us to make it our reality. To make it our experience as sisters. Well mom, job well done.

I am the oldest of 3 girls. My parents had 3 babies in 4 years. So we are really close in age. Of course we fought as kids, like any normal siblings, but we mostly played and had fun together. We were good kids.

As we grew up, I wouldn't say that we grew appart, but we were all doing such different things in our lives. We all had different directions that we were going in. None of us really being able to relate to what eachother was doing. Being married young and having kids, going off to college, living in New York to pursue a dream, are just a few examples. All of us seeming to be caught up and busy with our lives. I feel like there was a period of time where we just gave eachother space and did our own things.

Now that we are a little older (not I really feel my mom's wish for us to be forever best friends coming true, and I know it comes from the great foundation that was laid for us to be friends when we were little and the  experiences that we had that bonded us together as a unit.

My sisters are so special to me. Being diagnosed with cancer and going through the things that I need to do to heal from it is hard on me. But I try to put myself in my loved ones shoes. They have to watch someone they love go through something that they wish they could just take away......I'm not sure which would be harder. I simply can't imagine the other side. But I'm glad my sisters, my husband,my best friend, my parents, and many others are there for me. Especially those who have to witness the most unpleasant parts of what I'm going through.

Both of my sisters live in a different state than me, but both of them have made great effort to be with me. To make sure I knew that they were and are always there for me. Love u guys so much. I'm lucky to have you as sisters.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Big Day

I woke up this morning in the best mood! I'm going home today! I was admitted to the hospital on March 2nd and today is April 10th. That is 38 days. 38 DAYS!!! I know that a lot of people are in the hospital for a lot longer, but this was a long time for our family to endure. It really tested not only us, but our friends and family. And let me day that we are blessed with the most amazing support system ever. The things people did (and continue to do) for us is humbling and inspiring. "Thank you" doesn't even begin to express my gratitude to those who have helped. Especially those that took my kids into their houses, fed them, helped with homework, and just basically treated them liked one of their own. There are really no words.

Thank you to those who took time out of their lives to visit me. I really found that I looked forward to the social interaction with good you guys. 

It is surreal that I'll be packing my stuff up and finally go back to my family. I kind of won't believe it until I'm in the car driving away from the hospital...kind of doesn't seem real right now.

I am most excited to just be a mom and a wife again. To wake up with my kids, in my house and to be there for them. To wake up next to my husband and take on the day with him together. I miss everything about it from breaking up kid fights and helping settle arguments, to kisses, hugs, and kneeling in prayer together before bed...and I'll try to remember that feeling when the kids drive me crazy...because they will...haha! I need to remember that is it better to be there than to not. No matter what.

I am most grateful to my Heavenly Father. I have worked very hard, but it is because of his tender mercies that I have come this far. We take so much for granted in our lives. This has been a great reminder to be grateful for everything and to give thanks to our God for all that we have.

I have to wait until this afternoon to leave the hospital, but it will be a wonderful thing.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Is it Tuesday yet?!?

While I still have more pictures and videos to post about my rehab progress I had to share this amazing looks like I'll be released from the hospital on Tuesday the 10th!!! I can't believe it. I'm actually going top wake up in my own house on Wednesday morning! ***happy dance***

I have a ways to go yet until I'm completely well and fully recovered, but I'm well enough to do it all at outpatient facilities.

I will come to Scottsdale once a week for things relating to the chemotherapy, and I will also go to rehab a few times a week somewhere still too be determined (preferably somewhere closer to my I obviously have no problem traveling a bit to receive good care, so if any of my AZ friends have any experience with a great rehab office, let me know!

It is so FUN to plan my big homecoming!!!

My 7 year old son, Andrew, and his friend, Tommy, made me this poster. It is so cute and thoughtful...but the best part is that it is true...I am coming home soon! So very soon!