Monday, April 9, 2012

Is it Tuesday yet?!?

While I still have more pictures and videos to post about my rehab progress I had to share this amazing looks like I'll be released from the hospital on Tuesday the 10th!!! I can't believe it. I'm actually going top wake up in my own house on Wednesday morning! ***happy dance***

I have a ways to go yet until I'm completely well and fully recovered, but I'm well enough to do it all at outpatient facilities.

I will come to Scottsdale once a week for things relating to the chemotherapy, and I will also go to rehab a few times a week somewhere still too be determined (preferably somewhere closer to my I obviously have no problem traveling a bit to receive good care, so if any of my AZ friends have any experience with a great rehab office, let me know!

It is so FUN to plan my big homecoming!!!

My 7 year old son, Andrew, and his friend, Tommy, made me this poster. It is so cute and thoughtful...but the best part is that it is true...I am coming home soon! So very soon!


  1. Yea Valerie! So proud and happy for you, you have come so far and have had the best attitude. Your family must be ecstatic! Go Val Go!!!!

  2. oh that is so exciting that you are able to go home. i am sure your family will be so thrilled. what a blessing. you have worked so hard and came a long way. i am so proud and impressed with you. jenny

  3. Yaaaaayyyyyy VAL!!! I am so excited for you- this is the best news! What an answer to prayers! Can't wait to see you with your fam again :) congratulations!