Friday, July 30, 2010

A Health Revolution

I'm hearing words like "warrior", "strong", and "brave". I wasn't sure how I related to those words at first. They are just so BIG. So important. But then I remembered the meaning of my name. Valerie means strong, brave, valor and in some definitions, health. Wow. Now to live up to it. I do feel like a warrior sometimes, and other times I feel beaten up. But I know I will prevail. I have always been a warrior for health. Mine and others. I think all people deserve to work to live their best life. Notice that I said "work". It isn't always easy to live your best life. But I if I could force people to feel one thing it would be to feel like they are worth it! It's worth the work and struggle. Heath is priceless. Please know that you are so special and so worth health. Even as I am MADE to feel ill through this I will NEVER stop fighting for health. Join me! Small, attainable steps. You can do it, and share your victories with me as I win my cancer fight. Lets start a health revolution!!!


  1. Sign me up baby. I love you and your awesome passion and spirit.

  2. I pledge to lose 100 pounds for this cause! You have made me realize how much I take my "temple" for granted. I am NOT a renewable resource! Go team Val!

  3. I'm signing up too! Your ability to still be thinking of others and wanting us to better ourselves while you are going through this fight is truely inspiring! I've read many, many, many, self-improvement/positive books and not one has impacted me like you have these past few weeks as you share this experience with the rest of us so THANK YOU! Go VAL Go!:)