Friday, December 23, 2011

PET Scan Results

Ok, so here's the news. We got my PET scan results today and honestly I don't even want to be writing this right now. I almost wish that no one knew about the scan so I can deal with the results on my own. But part of having a huge, wonderful support system is that people care and love me and want to know too.

So yeah, as you have probably deduced, I'm not happy. It isn't bad news, necessarily, but not a lot of good news.

I am not responding as well as I did last time to this treatment. The cancer's activity is down, but the masses are still there and HAVE shrunk, but not anywhere near where we hoped to be by now (based on last time and the great results we had).

As we listened to the Dr explain where there was still masses and activity I kind of zoned out, so I don't know exact details yet. I'll figure that out when I get my own copy of the written report. All I heard was, "not responding as favorably as we hoped" and I kind of shut down. Been kind of in a zombie state ever since.

So maybe writing this and sharing is good for me right now. I don't know. It does feel good to get this out.

Thank you for your inquiring texts and messages asking how it went. I hope you consider this a suitable answer. Not very personal, but it is a way for me to answer everyone at once and only have to say it once.  Know that I appreciate all of your love, your prayers and your concern.


  1. Hey Valerie- I can in no way imagine how you feel right now but I know one thing is for sure, that heavenly father has blessed you with a very strong sweet spirit and that he will NEVER leave you alone and he never will allow anything to come your way that you cannot handle. What you focus on is what you get and knowing you I am sure you have been picturing yourself and focusing on being cancer free, so you will achieve it! Just to give you a little inspiration, our friend Lester Smith had cancer I think over 20 times and has been cancer free for years! He was a lot older than you and defied everyone and now is a total cancer free, bionic, muscle man. He is unbelievable and so are you! Go Val Go! xoxoxoLove you and thinking and praying for you always!

  2. Okay, new plan. If chemo won't beat your cancer, we let Jason beat it up for you! :) If only it were that easy. Our thoughts are with you and I know you will beat it up yourself. (It might just take some time.)