Sunday, March 11, 2012

Reflective thoughts of a sleepless girl:

Keep the love and encouragement coming! It means so much to me and strengthens me. Little successes everyday supported by a lot of love really keep me going.

I have a lot of time to reflect right now. One thing that I am having fun doing is strengthening family and friend relationships. Not my husband and kids so much, that is strong, but the ones that could be better. I don't have tons of ingenious advice on how to do this, but all I am doing is making a more concious effort to connect. Even with those I feel are harder to connect with. Because there is a VERY good chance that the reason a certain relationship hasn't reached it's full potential is because of ME and my mindset, not theirs. (I've fallen into the trap before that it its them, not me. Such a helpless place to be.) So...i change my thoughts, my actions are more proactive, and I'm thrilling in feeling more connectiions and more love. It works! Easy? Comfortable? No, not always, family relationships will always be far from perfect. They will always be a lot of work. But as I put even the tiniest bit of effort in, the rewards are amazing.

I just wanted to share what was on my heart. I'm grateful I have this time to better myself.

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  1. <3 You continue to inspire me and I'm sure a lot more people. Thanks for being who you are! We love you even if we don't see you daily. We're with you on this