Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sunday Morning

Good morning! I had a decent nights rest last night, though my standards on that are kind of low right now. If I can get 3 straight hours of sleep I'm delighted! Last night I almost got equivalent of two sets of those three hour sleep times, so that's pretty good...even though there was 4 hours or so in between them I'll take it! Not exactly sure why my body doesn't just zonk out at the end of the day, I feel tired...might be one of the meds keeping my brain awake.

So it's Sunday morning and I wish I was going to church. I miss church. I will have to remember this feeling in the future when life gets more normal and it may get easier to slip into not appreciating this special time to worship and be with family and friends. I try my best to make it feel like a sunday though. Try to separate the Sabbath from the other days of my week. Tricky to do in a hospital, but the mighty laptop makes it so easy to watch/listen to talks and hymns, I really have no excuse not to feel the spirit and be uplifted sometime today.

Enjoy your Sundays with your families today. Remember to thank God for all that you are blessed with could change in an instant...


  1. You truly are an amazing woman! An amazing mom, wife, friend, person in general. Please keep your positive, fighting attitude going. My mom and I will keep the prayers coming. Hang in there Valerie. You are a precious daughter of your Heavenly Father-Pres. Monson said that tonight at a YW broadcast. Love you old friend-Melissa Rogers Gargalis

  2. I am inspired by this, you have really helped me learn how to have pure gratitude. I am thinking of you often Valerie and always praying, you are strong and sweet and I know that your heavenly father is with you every step of the way and that is the best comfort of all. Love you! xoxo Heidi