Thursday, March 8, 2012

PT starts today!

just a quick note to say how excited I am today to start physical therapy! I'm excited to get this body of mine moving again. I never realized how much I took for granted before. how amazing our bodies are and how everything connects with the brain. my muscles maybe weak but my will is strong... I will walk, run and dance again. I don't know if it's too ambitious, but I want to be walking before the end of next week. as of right now I cant sit up in bed on my own, so it is a lofty goal. thank you for your prayers, they strengthen me... and I can use all the extra strength I can get right now!

( I am using "talk to text" on my phone to be able to blog, so please excuse any spelling or punctuation that may seem a little bit off. :) )


  1. Lofty, yes. But if anybody has a will strong enough to be walking by next week, it's you :) Best of luck today! I'd say don't push yourself too hard, but I am pretty sure it wouldn't do any good to tell you that ;) Sending happy thoughts and prayers your way.

  2. cool feature. I know you will walk again and soon!