Saturday, August 7, 2010

I Will Do Anything for Love....But I Won't Do That!

Do you know the song I'm referring to? I'm not sure who sang it or what it's called...(and I don't feel like looking it up) but the singer professes over and over and over again " I will do anything for love!" He sings it with such passion and conviction. Then then the end line in the chorus is. "But I won't do I won't do that." What is the person he loves asking him to do?!? It must be pretty bad.

But when I think about love I think of a special lady in my life right now. Let's call her "My Angel". She is organizing all of the service that is being given to me through my church. Want to be amazed? Look at what she has organized for me for the next few months:

Morning pick up (to school)
Lily play days (when I'm sick)
After school pick up
Lunches made for kids
Older kids to come in the afternoon and help with homework (I nap at this time)
Dinners (every night)
Laundry pick up
House cleaning

She has this all charted out and organized with volunteers so that we have what we need when we need it. Amazing, simply amazing. And to top it off she has become a great friend and resource to me. See, she has had a lot of health problems in her life, including going through chemo twice! Nobody can relate to you and help you like someone who's been there.

I whole heatedly believe that our Heavenly Father won't give us a trial we can't handle and that before we came down to earth we agreed to the life that we would have. The good and the bad. Having my life beat up a little in the last month (understatement) I just keep thinking "I agreed to this??? What was I thinking?" But I'm sure the pre-mortal me was much wiser and saw what I would learn. Why do some kinds of wisdom have to be so painful? Not sure. But without "My Angel" having gone through what she has been through, all the physical and emotional pain, she wouldn't be able to help me as much and anticipate so many of my needs. (She knew what I needed before I even knew I needed them!)

I know, without a shadow of a doubt that because of what I'm going through I will be able to help someone else someday. They will need me and my experiences to give them comfort and help them endure...just as "My Angel" does for me.

Love is a hands on experience and I am at the receiving end right now. I don't like my cancer...I hate what chemo does to me and how it makes me feel. I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy. But life has a funny way of refining us through fire. It hurts, but we are stronger, wiser, and more useful to our fellow man on the other side.

Back to the song I mentioned at the beginning. I've always made fun of that song (for obvious reasons) but of course there are things I can think of that I wouldn't do if someone I loved asked me to. Oh...little things like kill someone, rob a bank, hurt other people or get the idea. But if they asked me to do such things then I'd figure out pretty quickly that I loved the wrong kind of person! So let's talk about real love...Christ like love.

Would you go through a trial (a hard one) just to have the knowledge that you'd be able to help someone else who has to go through that same trial someday? Do you have that kind of love for your fellow man? Well, I'm not sure if any of us would be like, "Sure! I'll have cancer, go through chemo, radiation, the whole bit...just for the experience." Or. "Yes I am willing to loose my child and not be able to have him in this life so I can comfort other mothers who will go through the same thing."

Yeah...if it worked that way and we had a choice before REALLY hard trials happened, I'm pretty sure most of us (me included) would opt out. Christ didn't.

He knew exactly what he would go through and LET it happen so he could feel all of the pains and sufferings of mortal life so that He could be there for us when we feel like no one else can. This gives me comfort. Why does it give me comfort to know that my Savior suffered and died for my sins and afflictions? Because I know he loved me (and you) that much. He simply did "anything for love".....and he never said, "but I won't do that."


  1. Beautifully written. Love what you had to say. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Valarie, that was so amazingly written. With all the "issues" that I have lived through I've often thought of so many of the things you've shared. But I don't think I could have ever expressed what I felt as eloquently (sp?) as you just did. It really does make you thankful for ALL that we are blessed with in our lives. Even if at the time we aren't so sure we "want" the blessing.

  3. Val, thank you so much for sharing. Beautifully said. You are already helping others, such as myself, through your strength and endurance. Thank you for helping me put my own personal trials into a better perspective. Thank you for the reminder. You are amazing! Go Val GO! :) :)

  4. You may have also come to know that you are a FANTASTIC writter....hmmmm possible book opportunities I think!? :) An amazinmg woman before, during and AFTER Cancer

  5. I'd forgotten what a great writer you are! You've GOT to do something wonderful with this skill someday. The Savior is with you through all your trials. He's the only one who know what you're going through. The rest of us can try to understand and help you all we can, but He is the one who will carry you through.

  6. Glad I found your blog. I know that lady you're talking about, and she is one of the most Christ Like people I've ever met, and I am so glad she is in our ward, and just seeing how loving she is has been the greatest example to me. You are so amazing too Valerie, I was so sad to hear what you are going through, it was really hard to hear about for me, but I know you are one of the toughest people I know. Thank you for your example, you are loved by many.

  7. Well said Val!! Great outlook! Keep pushing forward...Go Val Go!!!

  8. Val Your Christlike attitude and determination strengthens me! I am honored to call you friend! I love ya! FIGHT LIKE A GIRL!

  9. Wow. This post really touched me. I'm sitting here with tears in my eyes and goosebumps on my arms. Those are very powerful and comforting words you write. I'm thinking, "You couldn't possibly be going through this to become a more strong and spiritual and inspiring person because you already ARE! I don't see how you could become any more so." There must be another reason.

  10. Thank you so much for that Valerie!! You are a beautiful person. Such a strong person! What an example you are setting for your fellow men and your family. I am looking up to you at this time and your strength, thank you for being strong. I can't even imagine the love and blessings you are receiving and will receive from our Father in Heaven because of what you are enduring. Thank you for pouring out your heart and emotions in this blog, it does touch many lives and you may not even know how but you are helping others through your trial. Thank you...I love you Val! Go Val Go!