Saturday, August 21, 2010

Prayers Are ALWAYS Answered!

Sometimes our prayers aren't answered the way that we want or as fast as we want them, but through our faith, they are answered. Although it took a lot of searching, our prayers have been answered! A treatment center here in AZ that is a perfect fit for my situation! Yay! (Kind of feel awkward cheering for a cancer treatment, but it is what it is...find joy in everything.) So there is only on huge bummer...our insurance is inadequate for the treatment I need. Ugh!...a road block. We don't want to let that get in our way. We know that My life is valuable, and now that we've made the decision, somehow, someway doors will open and a miracle will happen. I know it will. My husband had the idea of putting up a donation site. Although I was hesitant about doing it, I am glad that he didn't listen to me. (Hear that honey? You were right!) It has been fully up for 1 day and we already have over $650 in my treatment fund! I cannot express fully my gratitude to those that have donated and have shared my site with other people. You aren't just helping me, you are serving my children. My precious babies that I need to be strong and healthy for. This is all for them.

We have a goal of starting treatment on Sept. 6th. We don't need all the money by then, just enough to get started, then of course enough to finish the protocol my doctors have designed for me. Again thank you for all of the love and help for my family. I am in awe of all the people in my life. I am so blessed. May you too be blessed with love and health. Those are priceless and should be cherished above all. (There is now a link on the right side of my blog that will take you straight to my husband's idea...he was right before so I listened. Lol.)


  1. Valerie, I just saw your blog posted on facebook. I had no idea! We will for sure be keeping you in our prayers. If Joey ever needs a playdate, Ethan would love to have him come over! I'm at school all day Tuesdays and Thursdays but will be glad to help out any other day!


  2. Valerie, I am so happy that you found your answer! I am soo excited for you! Oh please never ever hesitate to call me if you need help, I know we've only talked a few times but I just admire you so much. You are such an amazing example.

  3. Valerie, even though we're not in the ward any more, PLEASE let us know if we can ever help in any way!! We adore your family & and would be more than willing to help out with your darling kids!! :) You are in our prayers!!
    -Tiffany Martinez