Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Fundraising to Come Soon...I Hope!

I like this logo that my sister, Natalie, designed for me last year. I'm not too crazy about a shirt with my actual name on it (instead of an awareness ribbon or, something) but it was put together so beautifully, I really do like it!

The reason I bring it up again, is that we have some left over from the last fundraiser...and...as you can figure out...medical expenses are once again getting out of control and hard to manage. In some cases we have already gone into collection.

...so who wants to buy a t-shirt? :D ;)

Jess is also going to re-do our info/donation site so it is up to date.

Maybe this will help spread the word a little better about how much we could use a boost...

It is crazy how just a few dollars from a few people can start to help  out with bills and take huge,financial stress off of us. Parents know that it is already though paying for "normal" life with 4 active kids! Then we add all of my (what I call) "no fun debt", and it  just rains on our parade.

Anyways. Be on the lookout. For some new stuff. If you are comfortable with it, and find it appropriate, help us spread the word around by sharing the link we will have up and running soon.


  1. Hey Valerie, I would love to share the link for your donation site and please tell me when it is up and running, I want to donate! I love you and pray for your speedy recovery! You are such an angel and an admirable lady!


  2. Hi Valerie, got to know your situation through a mom Sam. Be strong and will keep you in my prayer :-)