Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Good news bad news.

We had an appointment today with Valerie's transplant coordinator to go over her crazy schedule for the next few weeks. She did an excellent job explaining everything that she was going to do and what to expect. As she was going through Valerie's record and test results, she noticed that the PET scan results were posted so she made a quick call to Dr. Reeder so that he can review them.

She continued to explain so much including the process for stem cell collection, medications, what to expect during her stay in the hospital, and the types of chemotherapy that she would receive. There was so much more and Valerie felt as though many of her questions were answered.

She told Valerie that the day that she receives her stem cells is going to be her new birthday and that the transplant was going to re-boot her entire system and especially her immune system. That was really exciting!

The good news. The chemo that she has been receiving is working to shrink to single solitary mass of cancer that is in her body. It was exactly as we expected and we thank God for this amazing blessing.

The bad news. It was not enough of a response the satisfy Dr. Reeder and move forward with the stem cell collection and following transplant. So, it looks like Valerie is going to have to do another cycle of the ICE chemotherapy and its going to set her back 3 weeks. Bummer.

We were so excited to move to the next step in the treatment but it looks like we have to wait. Thank you all so much for the prayers and support and please continue to share this site over email, social media, and your friends and neighbors. It is greatly appreciated.

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