Friday, April 12, 2013

Nose Sores? Seriously?!?

This poor girl looks like she feels like I do.

I've dealt with mouth sores in the past...but NOSE SORES?!?!

Thankfully not visible to anyone. They are inside my nostrils. They seriously hurt!

Ointments inside my nose? Gross.

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  1. I know this doesn't compare at all to your situation, but the story should make you laugh. A few summers ago, I think it was the summer before JJ, I went to the doctor for my annual well woman exam and the whole "Why aren't I pregnant?" thing. Well, while I was there I talked to the dr about how my nose was so dry. So she told me to put neosporin on a Qtip and put it in my nostrils (I still do it as needed, and it does work like a charm!), and then she prescribed me some ointment for another problem, I think for my toenail or something. Anyway, the next week I was on a trip with my sisters and here I was all ointmented up. My sisters and I joked that what if I grabbed the wrong ointment and put the toe ointment up my nose!!!! Moral of the story, apply correct ointment where needed and don't mix them up. Love you! Miss you!