Monday, April 29, 2013

Re-Diagnosis And Ready, Set, Go!!!

My adopted AZ mom, Miriam and I at the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale.
 Today I started my new chemo regimen after learning that I was misdiagnosed 3 years ago. It was a very successful day. I always manage to talk some dear friend of mine to give up many hours of their day to come sit at a Dr office with me, and today was no different. I'm glad I don't have to ever be alone.

What a blessing!

I'm not the kind of person that typically needs a lot of alone time. Some is nice, yes, but I feel happier and stronger when I am surrounded by people that I can interact with. A "social butterfly" type of a person? Yeah maybe. I just love interacting with others and, although, if given a choice, I'd pick a much more fun way to do it, this is my opportunity right now. Writing and knowing that even a few people read it makes me feel so good. It makes me feel stronger, because I know that people are rooting for me.

My best friend, Kerry visiting me in the hospital at Mayo in Phx. 

After a 6 hour appointment and an hour drive home, the effects of the treatment were starting to hit me. I could feel my legs shaking as I stood and I was getting these crazy hot flashes, mostly on my bald head, and I was feeling the start of my old friend...nausea. 

Being home is much, much, much better than being hospitalized (uh, duh). It can be hard though, when all I do is say hi to my babies (ok, I know they aren't technically babies, but you mommy's get it, right?) and after a quick hug, Jess help get me upstairs into bed and I fall asleep for practically the rest of the night. I wake up, can't get out of bed yet, but I see them a few more times, then we say our family prayers and it is bedtime.

At least I get to hear them in the house. Playing, fighting, making messes, you know...just being kids! A mother's symphony.

This treatment is going to be hard and rigorous on my body. Five days a week of chemo, two weeks off, then repeat. Bleh.

All I can really think of right now is getting through this that my diagnosis makes a bit more sense. I just feel so grateful that Dr Reeder was so persistent. Instead of looking at what I have been through and playing the game of "which things did I unnecessarily suffer through", I prefer to think about how much more I would've gone through with out these new findings. Years more of treatments that would be ineffective. I really dodged a bullet.

We always pray that my Dr can think with a clear mind and that he will be lead in the direction that our Heavenly father wants for us. Well, I personally fell like this is a answer to that prayer.

Gratitude, relief, and my good ol' stubborn determination are all I feel right now. I've been through too much to even think about giving up now!!!

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