Wednesday, August 29, 2012

My Face Twin

The brain my creepy face twin.

(Alright. Putting my vanity aside and posting this pic even though it is extremely unflattering.)

First they warmed this piece of plastic. Mind you that it had no shape and was completely flat. Once it is warmed, they press it hard onto your face while you lay on a not-so-comfy table and you have to wait for the plastic to harden. If you look closely at the pic you can see the indents in my forehead and cheeks from the mold.

They press hot plastic into your face and secure it to the table!

So you are laying there, feeling like you are being suffocated, while you head is bolted to a table. It was a crazy feeling. I don't recommend this if you are even a little claustrophobic.

Then once the mold is dry, they keep you down and pass you through the scanning machine a few times to take some pics of the old noggin. They do this to make sure you are in the same position each time and that the radiation is going exactly where it needs to go.

This whole time I am trying to stay calm and breathe!

It was overall painless...just no fun. Boy was I glad when they peeled it off of my face.

Now they are able to start radiation tomorrow.


  1. Wait. That's an unflattering picture of you? Are you serious? That's me on a GOOD day! I'm not kidding.

    And also, that sounds like a nightmare. I was totally tense just reading that post.

    1. Kristen, you always make me smile and feel good. To be honest I enjoy YOUR writing and the way you can so descriptively tell a story. So the fact that you read, and seem to enjoy my writing makes me feel good about the way that I come across. Thanks for the boost in my self-esteem! :)

    2. Thanks, Valerie! Of course I love reading your stuff. You're so candid and open about your feelings. It's an amazing journey you're taking us all on. I hate that you have to go through this, but I honestly get excited when you write new posts. I drop everything and read it every time.

  2. you are amazing Val :>) have to admit, when I see that I think of Friday the 13th and Jason movies, sorry, but you look a lot prettier than he, he is like me, scary! Anyhow, you are smiling and in good spirits, that's a good thing! Keep it up, hugs, prayers and a lot of love sent your way from all us peeps out there in Zumba-land. :)Joe

  3. Your spirit is one of a kind... love your strength and determination of not letting this define you and your beautiful personality! That makes your beauty multiply. Cancer has no idea what it's up against.. my money is definitely on you!! MY HERO!! Prayer and love always!!!