Monday, August 27, 2012

So Far...

So far it is certain that there is cancer in my brain. Most of my symptoms (headache, double vision) were brought on by the swelling and are being controlled with a steroid right now. I will start radiation tomorrow and if it responds as well as they hope, I will be able to side step having any surgeon's digging in my head. That is what we are praying for!


This is possibly the same tumor that was in my spine that paralyzed me. It may have snuck it's way up my spinal chord, into my brain and made a home.

I am doing better emotionally now that we are pretty sure that I won't have to have brain surgery. That was freaking me out. Also there is a very good chance I can go home tomorrow and do everything out-patient...that is wonderful! That means I get to go home and be a mommy! :)

So, besides the crappy cancer news, we are very optimistic and hopeful that the radiation alone will do the trick this time. We will see. This cancer sure does like to jump around a lot and sneak into places it doesn't belong.

Thank you for caring about me and my family. I don't understand this trial. I don't understand why the cancer won't just go away. I have been considered to be in "remission" twice now, and neither period of time lasted for more than 3 months.

One thing being in the hospital does for me is helps me to re-prioritize my life. It is easy to be good at getting tasks done with the kids, and jobs completed around the house...but completely miss the meaning of it all. To loose the "why" behind why us parents do so many small, menial tasks looses the purpose of our daily lives. Doing small things, everyday, for the people we love is what this life is all about. Right?


  1. You sound optimistic, which is good to hear. I'm glad there won't be surgery. Happy thoughts and Johnny hugs heading your way!

    1. Squishy Johnny is just what the Dr ordered!!!

  2. 3rd time is a charm, HAT TRICK, you are gonna beat this think kiddo. That you are getting to go home, and be with the kids and Jess, that is AWESOME, that alone is a huge answer to picking up your spirits. I will have the Men of the Church pray again regularly next meeting in a few days, and ask the women too. You are a fighter, and like Rocky Balboa, WIN Val, WIN, go out and kick this in the booty. We are all there with you. Strongest + most courageous hero we know. All rooting for you to be good as new better than ever well soon. Blessings - Joe

  3. Oh my gosh, Val! I just saw your post had popped up on my blog feed, and I have to tell you- it would have been great to see this blog just float away into cyberspace- to never see another post like these last 2. I am so sad to hear your news, but I am so grateful that your docs are optimistic, and most of all, that you can do this outpatient :) I was just talking to some of the sisters, who went to the Zumba benefit the other day, about what an inspiration you are. And look at you! Best attitude ever. You keep at it, lady! You and your family are in our prayers!